Workshops and Seminars

Do you want to learn more about the functions and performance of SAP planning software, or update your knowledge?

In the run-up to implementing a project, we offer a large number of reasonably priced workshops covering different aspects of logistics and supply chain management:

From acquainting yourself with the functions of the system and allowing you to check it against your requirements, to the complex procedure of modelling company-specific business scenarios as part of the process of preparing a project.

The following list gives you an idea of some of the workshops we offer:

  • SAP IBP overview, components and features, system demo
  • SAP IBP Proof of Concept workshop for
    1. Sales & Operations Planning
    2. Demand Planning and Demand Sensing
    3. Response & Supply
  • SAP APO overview, component and features, system demo
  • SAP APO Proof of Concept workshop for
    1. Demand Planning
    2. Supply Network Planning
    3. Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
    4. and many more topics ...
  • Practical workshop ECC - APO integration, the preconditions and potential
  • Integrated production planning with APO PP/DS for discrete manufacturing processes - overview and demo
  • Supply chain planning for high-tech industries: capable-to-match planning procedure

All of the workshops can be tailored to suit your individual needs and held at your company or in our own training rooms.
Our workshops make extensive use of system demos. The workshop participants, working on SAP systems, have an opportunity to explore the themes independently and in greater depth.

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