Advanced Planner and Optimizer
The Advanced Planner and Optimizer from SAP is a planning tool for optimizing demand planning, supply network planning, production planning, and transportation and distribution planning.


SAP Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a purpose-built application used to optimize the sales and operations planning process by balancing supply and demand in a profitable way. This process typically repeats in monthly cycles and involves Sales, Marketing, Finance, Demand Planners, Supply Chain Planners and Executives.


Integrated Business Planning
SAP Integrated Business Planning is a supply chain planning suite that combines the capabilities of sales and operations, demand, response and supply planning, inventory optimization and control tower. It is powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology.


Rapid Deployment Solution
Rapid deployment solutions provide best practices for using SAP software and configuration templates that are offered with supporting consulting services. It provides free content as an added value to licensed customers to drive down implementation costs, accelerate deployment and add benefit to their investment in SAP products.


SAP S/4 HANA is a real-time enterprise resource management suite for digital business. It is built on SAP's advanced in-memory platform SAP HANA and offers a personalised, consumer-grade user experience with SAP Fiori. Deployable in the cloud or on premise, SAP S/4 HANA can drive instant value across all lines of business – no matter which industry or business size.


HANA Cloud Integration
SAP HANA Cloud Integration facilitates the integration of business processes and data across on-premise and cloud applications (cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise integration).

SAP HANA Cloud Integration for process integration allows you to integrate business processes spanning different companies, organizations, or departments within an organization. SAP HANA Cloud Integration for data services allows you to efficiently and securely use ETL (extract, transform, load) tasks to move data between on-premise systems and the cloud.


Smart Data Integration
SAP HANA Smart Data Integration and SAP HANA Smart Data Quality enhances, cleanses and transforms data to make it more accurate and useful. With the speed advantages of SAP HANA, SAP HANA Smart Data Integration and SAP HANA Smart Data Quality can connect with any source, provision and cleanse data and load data into SAP HANA on-premise or in the cloud.


Demand Planning
The demand for and/or sale of your products is the last link in your supply chain. SAP IBP for Demand and APO DP is software designed to help you with demand and sales planning. You can use both solutions to make medium - to long - term sales plans, thus boosting production efficiency and saving costs by avoiding unnecessary stock-keeping. You can fulfill orders faster and with more flexibility while significantly cutting delivery times. This component lets you take into account the numerous different causal factors that influence demand.

IBP for Demand also contains a component for Demand Sensing, a modern procedure for adjusting statistical forecasts to take account of current customer requirements.

Demand Sensing

Traditionally, forecasting accuracy was based on time series techniques which create a forecast based on prior sales history and draws on several years of data to provide insights into predictable seasonal patterns. However, past sales are frequently a poor predictor of future sales. Demand sensing is fundamentally different in that it uses a much broader range of demand signals (including current data from the supply chain) and different mathematics to create a more accurate forecast that responds to real-world events such as market shifts, weather changes, natural disasters, consumer buying behavior etc.

Response & Supply

SAP Integrated Business planning for response and supply allows quick adaption to changes in demand, considering the full supply chain model as well as simulates plans for production, distribution and procurement to meet customer needs in a constrained or unconstrained mode. Integrated Business planning for response and supply generates What-If analysis to provide visibility into potential scenarios.


Supply Network Planning
The APO component Supply Network Planning dynamically plans short- to medium-term demand throughout your company. It leverages all relevant data from your entire logistics network: from purchasing, through production to distribution and transportation. This type of requirements planning far exceeds the comparatively simple material requirements planning in today’s ERP systems.

Multi-Echelon Optimisation

Multi-echelon inventory optimisation represents the state of the art approach to optimise inventory across the end to end supply chain. Modeling multiple stages allows other types of inventory, including cycle stock and prebuild along with safety stock due to time phased demands, to be accurately predicted. It looks at inventory levels holistically across the supply chain while taking into account the impact of inventories at any given level or echelon on other echelons.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply chain data and processes are extending beyond the organizational boundaries into partner ecosystems. They lack a consistent and timely view of the supply chain, leading to delays in identifying and reacting to the problems. Supply Chain Control Tower solutions combine real-time visibility into the end-to-end supply chain with analytics to assess the impact of exception conditions and to make better decisions.


Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling
The Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) component is another core function provided by SAP APO. It takes account of capacity, material and sourcing constraints and allows for simultaneous planning at all manufacturing levels in your company. This means that you can always see all key production information at a glance, can optimise the utilisation of all existing resources and can identify the effects of changes, e.g. on lead times and on-time delivery performance.


Transport Planning/Vehicle Scheduling
SAP APO Transport Planning plans and optimises the distribution of your goods in complex structures. This software lets you determine, at short notice, the delivery requirements for multiple distribution centres for various stages of delivery, and the optimum itinerary for your shipments. You can create a detailed transportation plan for your inbound and outbound shipments, and can optimally use all available capacities on available means of transport. Making sure that goods are more optimally distributed across your locations reduces shortages and cuts shipping costs without increasing overall inventory.


Supply Chain Management
SAP SCM solutions give you a fast, clear overview of the demand for your products, inventory levels and production capacities, as well as your suppliers’ offerings. SCM functions throughout your company and handles the planning and optimisation of your entire procurement, manufacturing and sales process. You can include various products and all relevant business partners (suppliers, logistics service providers, retailers) in your calculations.

APO is a component of the overall Supply Chain Management solution of SAP.


SAP Jam is SAP’s cloud-based social media platform.

SAP Jam allows employees to collaborate and share documents and ideas around a topic or goal, instead of having to do so through emails and other avenues that are harder to manage and track.


Business Intelligence
Companies today have to deal with an increasingly dynamic environment. They need to make decisions faster and more reliably, and then review them at ever shorter intervals. At the same time, electronic data processing continues to gradually infiltrate a company’s every process. More and more information is stored electronically and distributed in increasingly complex ways via different software solutions and technical systems.
In these circumstances, the key factor that determines the future of your business is how fast, flexible and focused you are in accessing information relevant to decision-making. To achieve this you need a tool that is able to compile data from several areas, prepare it and analyse it from various perspectives, and that is able to present the information in the right place, at the right time and in the required format.
A data warehouse concept meets these requirements. SAP supplies this for you in the form of a company-wide solution termed “Business Intelligence” that comprises information management, KPI management and decision-making. SAP BI helps you extract reliable information promptly from your company’s data flood.


Event Management
Supply chains are highly complex and highly dynamic structures involving many different parties. To allow you to react flexibly and promptly to unexpected events, and to regularly monitor ongoing business, you need a central tool that summarises all events, produces an overview for you and informs you immediately of any exceptions.
SAP Event Manager serves as an interface and intermediate instance between planning and execution. You can find up-to-date status information at any time and can intervene in ongoing processes. Plus, you can easily make subsequent changes to existing orders and deal with exceptions.
SAP EM is a tool for monitoring your supply chain. It helps identify potential disruptive factors early on, e.g. in the interaction between planning and execution, and lets you react immediately to deviations and exceptions. All involved parties can track in-house and external processes in real time.


Service Parts Planning
Service Parts Planning offers special planning functions for replacement parts and gives you complete transparency on your supply chain, from the time a demand arises through to delivery of the product. In terms of planning, SAP SPP considers every characteristic of each product. This means that, during planning, SPP differentiates between products with constant demand, demand that follows trend patterns, seasonal demand and products with sporadic demand. SPP optimally links inventories with emerging demand and automates the majority of release, approval and call processes. This helps you reduce inventory and warehousing costs, increase your service level and cut delivery times. The analysis and monitoring functions help you identify and resolve pain points in your supply chain.


Supply Network Collaboration
SAP Supply Network Collaboration supports those involved in complex supply chain networks to enable efficient and seamless collaboration. Furthermore, SAP SNC supports inventory management by suppliers and customers, on-time shipping of replenishments, notification of deliveries in advance, as well as invoicing. It also supports the seamless flow of forecast processes and work orders.


SAP Cloud Identity
SAP Cloud Identity service is a cloud solution for identity lifecycle management. It provides services for user login, registration, authentication and access to SAP HANA Cloud Platform applications.